IAHLA 2019 AGM and Conference

Successful Institutes Under a BC Tripartite Post-Secondary Education Model

October 17-18, 2019 | Richmond, BC
Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel

The Indigenous Adult and Higher Learning Association (IAHLA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Conference brought together educators and administrators from IAHLA institutes across British Columbia. Our theme this year, Successful Institutes Under a BC Tripartite Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Model, was selected to support the work underway by BC First Nations and First Nations-mandated institutes to develop a BC Tripartite PSE Model which will include funding, policy, and program delivery, as well as mechanisms to ensure the public post-secondary system is responsive to the needs of First Nations learners.

First Nations-mandated institutes provide culturally-relevant programming in community which leads to higher success of the learners they serve. The BC Tripartite PSE Model is being developed with the recognition that they are a fundamental component of the post-secondary system in BC. This year’s conference focused on identifying challenges of First Nations mandated-institutes and opportunities to better meet their needs through the Model.