Employment Services and Supports Program

New Call for Proposals and Changes to the
Aboriginal Community-Based Delivery Partnerships Program

Please find attached the revised proposal form template for the Call for Proposals for the Employment Services and Support Program (including the Aboriginal Community-Based Skills Partnerships Core Service Area).  All changes in the proposal form are highlighted in yellow. The Province has said that these changes are not substantive, as per addendum 13: “There will be no substantive changes to the sections in the Proposal Form.  It is anticipated that any Proponents who have already completed the current Proposal Form will just need to review their response to ensure they have captured the clarifications.“

Please note the deadline for submission has been extended to Mar 31st .

Please also note that if you are submitting by email, the email address for submissions was revised to: cjfinfo@gov.bc.ca.

There are now 17 addenda, which are posted on BC Bid http://www.bcbid.gov.bc.ca/open.dll/welcome (see access instructions below).

FNESC/IAHLA Contact for Inquiries:
Karen Bailey-Romanko


FNESC and IAHLA have been informed that the former “Aboriginal Community-Based Delivery Partnerships Program” has been integrated into the new Employment Services and Supports (ESS) Program as one of six “Core Service Areas.” A Call for Proposals for the new ESS Program was released on Monday, February 2, 2015. A total of $36.4 million may be allocated annually under the ESS program, and proposals may be up to three years in length, with the option to renew for two additional years.

Call for Proposals

The ESS Program Call for Proposals has been posted on BCBid.

To access the Call for Proposals on BCBid:

  • go to bcbid.gov.bc.ca,
  • go to the right of the screen,
  • select “Browse for Bid Opportunities or Bid Results”,
  • select “Browse opportunities by organization”,
  • click on the “Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training”,
  • Click on “Call for Proposals – Employment Services and Support Program”,
  • Click on the yellow folder in the upper right of the screen that says “Supplier Attachments Exist”


Proposals are due at 2 pm on March 31, 2015, and may be submitted through the BC Bid system, in Hard Copy or by Email to cjfinfo@gov.bc.ca.  Please see the Call for Proposals cover page for submission details (under “Closing Location”).

The “Aboriginal Community-Based Delivery Partnerships” Core Service Area of the ESS Program is based on the former Aboriginal Community-Based Delivery Partnerships Program, and therefore Program recipients must include an Aboriginal community partner and a public post-secondary institution.  The Aboriginal Community-Based Delivery Partnerships Core Service Area is the only one of the six Core Service Areas under the ESS Program that specifically targets Aboriginal learners; however, First Nation communities and Aboriginal post-secondary and training institutes can submit proposals under any of the other Core Service Areas, and may even submit a proposal under two or more Core Service Areas.